Spring 2018

  • January 11 – Please read the syllabus. Don’t forget to bring your computer to our first class which will be in Room 134 of the Clinic Building.

  • January 18 – Please make sure to have the Chrome browser installed on your computer and also be sure to install the Google Cast extension in Chrome. By way of background, please also read the following articles:

  • February 1 – The homework that is due for this class can be found here. It is due January 31 at 10am.

  • February 15 – The homework for this class is posted here. It is due February 12 by 5pm.

  • February 22 – The homework for this class is posted here. It’s more difficult than usual, so give yourself time. Remember: we will have an HTML review quiz at the start of class, which will cover all HTML we have learned up to, but not including, the DIV tag and grid. The quiz is open computer (make sure you can find your JSBins from class!).